Fosters Solicitors Comment as Logistics Firm is Fined for Health and Safety Failure

Cheshire, United Kingdom, (27th January 2012) – Fosters Solicitors, a leading no win no fee personal injury solicitor, comment on a recent accident at work case involving a forklift driver breaking his neck when a computer cabinet he was loading onto a trailer fell on him.

Barry Hill was operating the truck at Palletways Ltd, when he noticed that one of the cabinets was rocking on the forks. Stafford Crown Court heard that Mr. Hill got out of the forklift to catch the cabinet but it fell forward, hitting him on the head and knocking him to the ground. His neck and right wrist were broken and he has not worked since the incident in 2008.

After the incident Mr. Hill was bleeding from a visible head wound, but the depot manager did not know who the first aiders were. A trained first aider eventually assessed Mr. Hill but did not recognise the seriousness of his injuries.

Nobody called an ambulance and instead the first aider drove Mr. Hill by car to a hospital with no accident and emergency unit, from where he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. He spent six days in hospital and 14 weeks in halo traction, and has been left partially disabled following the incident.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation into the incident found that Palletways had failed to assess the risks of moving and loading goods, and to instruct, monitor and supervise forklift drivers properly.

Fosters Solicitors commented: “This case demonstrates the dangers and the devastating consequences that can occur when an employer fails to sufficiently assess the risk of a task, and also fails to provide and maintain responsible training and supervision. Every employer has access to the free HSE Guidelines and must ensure that the workplace is a safe environment. If you have suffered with an injury whilst at work, call the team at Fosters today.”

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