AssessmentDay Comments on the Value of Psychometric Testing

Chelmsford, United Kingdom (08 September 2011) – AssessmentDay, an industry leader in online aptitude tests and numerical reasoning tests, comments on the validity and usefulness of psychometric testing for candidate recruitment.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure cognitive capacity, such as numerical reasoning or verbal comprehension. They feature commonly in modern job applications for a wide range of industries and sectors as a measurement of candidate suitability; helping recruiters to filter through candidates and narrow down to the most suitable ones for their vacancies.

AssessmentDay commends the use of psychometric testing as a worthwhile initial investment in the recruitment process, as it helps organisations to avoid the inherent mounting cost and inconvenience  of potential wrong-hires, and instead select only the most suitable and productive employees who will add genuine value to their company.

“The upfront costs are large if you train in-house HR staff in the use of psychometric tests, but for smaller companies the testing and interpretation of results can be outsourced to a company such as AssessmentDay,” commented a spokesperson for AssessmentDay. “We specialise in aptitude tests and believe they are an incredibly useful means of gauging the potential suitability of a candidate, and their ability to support the development of harmonious working relationships, and, in turn, commercial success.”

For more information on AssessmentDay and their psychometric tests, visit their website at or call 02071 835441.

About AssessmentDay:

AssessmentDay was created to help job seekers and recent graduates with online aptitude tests, numerical reasoning tests and psychometric tests. AssessmentDay can also provide their web visitors with helpful tips and preparation skills for online aptitude tests at assessment centres. AssessmentDay continues to grow in popularity and their online tests have been used by thousands of graduates and job seekers across the UK.


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