Austin Reed Quilted Jackets, a Must Have for the Winter

England 18/09/2012 – After a cold summer, it seems consumers are expecting an equally cold winter and are buying accordingly

There is no doubt this summer has been exceptionally cold and wet and this has had an adverse effect on sales of summer clothing. People have just not had the chance to wear light summer clothes as much, so it is understandable that they did not buy as many summer season styles.

Following disappointing sales, many shops have decided to bring forward some of their autumn range to encourage consumers into their shops and to get them buying again. Austin Reeds quilted Jackets and other warm coats are available now from their website and are perfect for. These stylish jackets are appealing to all age groups and all of the styles they stock are selling well.

The great thing about quilted jackets is that they are very warm, yet the material they are made out of is not heavy. A pure wool coat can be heavy and is only really suitable for very cold days, whereas a quilted jacket can even be worn on a mild day, without making wearers feel too hot and uncomfortable. They are great for walking the dog or pottering around the garden as well as going to work or out for the evening. The fact they are so light means they are ideal for layering too. On a snowy day a quilted coat or jacket worn under a heavier coat provides an extra layer of warmth and helps to keep the wind out.

Modern Quilted Jacket

There is a far better choice of styles available this year, so they appeal to a wider range of people. It is no longer just the hunting shooting and fishing fraternity that are wearing them. They are still popular with this group of people, but other outdoor sportsmen are increasingly wearing them. Most feature plenty of deep pockets, which is ideal for those working or enjoying sport outdoors.


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