Manuka Honey Contains Additional Active Ingredient And Offers Numerous Health Benefits

Leicester, UK September 5th 2012 – Manuka honey has become a big seller for health food shops and even pharmacies around the country thanks mostly to it containing an ingredient that isn’t found in other forms of honey. While all honeys contain hydrogen peroxide which offers antibacterial property, it has also been discovered to contain a thus-far unique ingredient. An ingredient that isn’t found in any other honey or food source. This ingredient not only offers additional antibacterial properties but has many features that are unique to UMF.

UMF is used as a measurement of the strength and virility of this active ingredient. Not all Manuka trees contain the ingredient but those honeys that have been found to have a good level of this ingredient are known as UMF Manuka honey. It is only these types of honey that contain this additional ingredient and offer the many increased benefits. This honey has proven to be beneficial when eaten and has also shown many positive benefits when applied topically.

All local honey offers some relief from hayfever symptoms and some antibacterial qualities, however the hydrogen peroxide that is of the greatest benefit is not stable; it can become lost in light, heat, and even when combined with certain enzymes in the body. In contrast, UMF honey is known to be highly stable and it will survive these and other conditions. offers a wide range and extensive variety of healthy foods, supplements, and tablets that are designed as a daily supplement and can be added to your diet in order to help improve your health and prevent illnesses and diseases. All their Manuka honey has a UMF rating of at least 10 which means that it contains this invaluable natural resource and customers enjoy access to convenient shopping as well as competitive prices.





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