Australian MPs to Sit Psychometric Tests Such as Those Provided By Assessment Day

Chelmsford, United Kingdom (10 December 2010) – The Australian Liberal National Party has announced that prospective candidates will be required to sit new-age psychometric tests in order to demonstrate their suitability for parliament.

Psychometric testing has enjoyed a significant growth in popularity, particularly in the UK, where companies such as Assessment Day offer job seekers the opportunity to sit practice tests that provide accurate examples of those used by employers.

The tests are designed to measure the aptitude of LNP candidates and their ability to handle the rigours of life as an MP, rather than simply concentrating on their personality traits. Psychometric testing has previously been used in UK politics by the Conservative party as part of the candidate vetting process, and after successfully implementing the system while interviewing candidates for pre-selection to marginal seats, the Australian LNP intend to make aptitude testing part of the process of appointing all prospective MPs.

As psychometric tests become more widely regarded as an effective means of employee aptitude testing by recruiters all over the world, it is clear that by utilising services such as those provided by Assessment Day, job seekers and graduates can give themselves the best possible chance of success when applying for vacancies across a variety of industries.

“The decision by Australia’s Liberal National Party to introduce psychometric testing to its candidate vetting process is wonderful news for everyone here at Assessment Day,” a company spokesperson commented. “The fact that psychometric testing is being used as part of the recruitment process at the very highest levels of government serves as re-affirmation of its effectiveness. Hopefully this will encourage job seekers and graduates to make the most of the service we offer at Assessment Day and increase their chances of being ready for the challenges that lie ahead of them in the increasingly competitive job market.”

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