Auto Care UK Awards 2012

England 08/06/2012- RMS AutoCentre wins the Auto Care UK garage of the year award

To encourage the garages they list to offer even better customer service Auto Care UK have set up an annual award programme. This year the award for garage of the year has been given to the RMS AutoCentre.

Despite being a relatively new garage, RMS already offers a seamless and professional service to all of their customers. RMS was started in 1998 by Richard Peters and they joined the AutoCare programme in 2005. The company has been a great success, and has already moved to new premises twice, once in 2000 and again in 2011.

Potential winners are normally nominated by customers, but it was their parts supplier, Nyanza, who nominated RMS for the award. Nyanza are big fans of the Auto Care  programme. They have seen many of the garages they supply benefit hugely from signing up for the programme. They now encourage all of their clients to do so.

RMS thanks Auto Care UK for their support

Auto Care UK wants to provide UK vehicle owners with a one-stop shop when it comes to maintaining their cars. They do this by giving UK consumers access to a list of good quality independent garages throughout the UK.

However, not just any garage is included on the list. Each garage has to provide a good quality service. To ensure that this is the case Auto Care helps all of the independent garages who are part of their programme to achieve the highest standards. They do this by providing access to the very latest training and workshops for mechanics who work in their member’s garages. Support is provided in many different ways including access to specialist software and help with marketing and branding.

Their members really appreciate this support and those like RMS who take full advantage of the support they offer can accelerate the rate at which they grow their business. Richard Peters of RMS said, “The Auto Care UK package helped me to do this and provided my business with a strong brand image without taking away my independence”. Slowly but surely other garages are waking up to the benefits of joining the programme and signing up as well.


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