AwesomeBooks Releases Results of Customer Survey


Oxon, United Kingdom (13th November 2012) – AwesomeBooks, a leading online retailer of new and used books, have used the results of a recent survey to learn more about their customers’ buying patterns and how to improve the user experience of their website.

Users were asked to rate their experience of the AwesomeBooks website according to the following criteria:

  • General website layout
  • The recentness of the books on offer
  • Available shipment destinations
  • Quality of bundle offers.

Users were also asked whether they would be interested in:

  • An AwesomeBooks app
  • Improved search functionality
  • More in-depth product information
  • More discounts
  • Improved product categorization
  • ‘Remember my login’ feature development.

A spokesperson for AwesomeBooks commented: “Using the results from the survey, we observed that almost half of our customers buy books from our website every few weeks, which we did not find particularly revelatory due to the time it takes to finish reading a book. However, the sheer amount of customers constantly buying books throughout the year struck us as more difficult to explain.

“As well as buying trends, we found that the biggest problem customers found with our website are the irrelevance of the results displayed from user searches, which we will prioritize improving as soon as possible. We will also take into consideration all of the comments and feedback we have received from this survey and look to implement other changes to improve the user-friendliness of our website.

“We hope our results will not only help us to improve, but also help other internet retailers to achieve customer service and product range that their customers would recommend.”

For more information on AwesomeBooks and their wide selection of books, visit their website at or telephone 0845 467 0512.

About AwesomeBooks:

AwesomeBooks is one of the UK’s leading new and used book retailers in the UK and offers its customers an extensive collection of cheap books. This popular book provider stocks a varied selection of top fiction books featuring some of the best-selling titles on the market, at highly competitive prices.


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