Box Recycling Offers Environmentally Beneficial Solution For Destroying Cardboard Boxes

Suffolk, UK September 19th 2012 – Recycling has become a major part in people’s everyday lives. Everybody is encouraged to recycle household waste and even businesses are being pushed to do more to help protect the environment. One area of concern for the business has always been security; shredding documents means that nobody can access the information previously held on the documents and once shredded, these paper files can then be properly recycled preventing some of the damage done when paper finds its way into landfill sites.

Box recycling is another area where businesses can help improve their impact on the environment. Some types of businesses, such as retail stores, have a huge requirement for boxes. Items are delivered to the store in boxes, by manufacturers that also use a lot of boxes, and some businesses may use boxes to deliver their items as well. This means a lot of cardboard produced to satisfy the needs of such organisations; cardboard that can and often does find its way into landfills.

When cardboard and paper rot down in landfill they produce methane gas which is considered harmful to the environment. Cardboard itself, however, can be recycled up to five times before it needs to be used for another purpose like animal bedding. This greatly reduces the impact that box usage has on the environment and it prevents landfill sites from becoming needlessly filled to bursting.

CAS Clarks offers a secure document storage and shredding service to businesses, organisations, and other groups across the UK. They also offer an advanced and beneficial box recycling service that enables businesses to dispose safely and securely of their boxes. This can help a business meet their own environmental targets while ensuring that landfills are not filled with methane producing cardboard.


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