England – 05/07/2011 – UK based online firm ‘Verve’ specializes in the highest quality fitted bedrooms for a wide range of clients.

Fitted bedroom furniture has become very popular in recent years with a wide range of homeowners, who have realized just how efficiently such furniture uses a particular room’s available space. Verve, with its online presence at www.vervefittedbedrooms.co.uk, is a reputable provider of the best quality fitted wardrobes and other bedroom furniture. The company is not bound by the standardized manufacturing processes of its rivals, instead creating bespoke fitted furniture of the highest standard of workmanship and in a range of colours and finishes.

Verve creates fitted bedroom furniture of a range of ultra-modern and chic designs. It also pays attention, however, to the customers who would rather have a more traditional design of fitted bedroom furniture, meaning that they can have a furniture solution that fits in with the wider style of their home.

Fitted bedrooms to match the customer’s exact needs

There are all kinds of neat touches to Verve’s service offering that further distinguish it from rivals. Its interiors are colour matched, for example, or if preferred, contrasted for maximum effect. The company also specializes in top quality fitted loft furniture – including fitted loft wardrobes – in addition to fitted furniture for the kitchen and home office. In the case of the firm’s loft furniture in particular, every door is bespoke, with angles being digitally measured to ensure that the gradients fit perfectly.

Verve continues to improve its fitted bedroom furniture: the work is guaranteed parts and labour for a full five years, whilst new colours are also being introduced this summer. The latter include the new Ultra Gloss range, which has to be seen to comprehend the Glass Effect.

In addition, the firm is just weeks away from launching In-Line Remote Control and Thumb Print Controls on its sliding door range. From this point on, there will be the option of mechanized sliding wardrobes that can then be controlled at the touch of a button.

Verve has continued to go from strength to strength in its reputation as a provider of top quality, but well-priced, fitted bedroom furniture. Indeed, it has recently been asked to carry out work for insurance companies in addition to winning ever more repeat work.



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