England – 14/12/2011Woodworm Treatment Is Becoming Easier

Years ago the only woodworm treatment that was available was fumigating the whole area. Nowadays, a less drastic approach is becoming more popular.

It is more likely that the exact type of beetle that is eating the wood will be identified and treatment tailored accordingly. Some of the beetles that eat wood can only eat living wood. This means that they are not likely to spread to other areas of the house. All wood in homes, is by its very nature, dead. The fact that a beetle infestation exists in the house is down to the fact that the wood used was already contaminated when it was cut down. These kinds of beetles die out naturally, which means that the house does not need to be fumigated.

If the beetle is the kind that feeds on dead wood treatment is essential. However, that treatment need not be as drastic as fumigating the entire house. Simply spraying the infected wood and the area surrounding it can often be adequate. This option requires the home owner to regularly check for re-infestation, but may prefer this option. It is often cheaper, involves less disruption and most importantly is considered to be greener and better for the environment.

Woodworm Treatment Providers Become Greener

Woodworm treatment providers were pushed to find less drastic treatments partly because of pressure from their customers. More and more people are concerned about the impact how they live has on the planet. They are also concerned about the impact the use of pesticides in their home has on them and their families. Woodworm treatments are very safe, but a lot of people are still not comfortable with the idea of saturating their homes in chemicals. Plus they do not want the disruption fumigation causes.

London & Home Counties have been providing woodworm treatment and other pest control treatments in the UK for many years now. They have noticed this change in focus and have adapted the service they offer to their customers as a result.


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