London, United Kingdom (6th July 2011) – TheJudge, an established broker in the litigation risk transfer market, have launched a suite of new litigation risk transfer products to aid litigants involved in commercial litigation and arbitration.

Litigation funding and after the event insurance are both amid a period of innovation. With the Ministry of Justice’s recent announcement to eradicate premium and success fee recoverability, innovation is at the forefront of people’s minds. Lawyers in particular are trying to pre-empt what options will be available for litigants going forward.

With the launch of products such as Insolv3ncy – a specialist litigation insurance and finance product suite designed for insolvency practitioners and lawyers – TheJudge is confident it’s responding to market demand. With new litigation funders emerging and a more creative application of ATE insurance being applied in commercial litigation the team at TheJudge are confident that more options exist to hedge risk than ever before.

Speaking from TheJudge, Director Matthew Amey advised: “The litigation funding market is responding to even the most complex forms of litigation. Patent litigation, investment treaty arbitrations, competition (antitrust) and securities litigation are all key areas for TheJudge and the specialist companies offering litigation cost control solutions.

“It doesn’t matter whether a client is impecunious or a corporate blue chip; they typically share a common goal of wanting to achieve budget certainty when it comes to controlling litigation costs. It’s therefore imperative that lawyers are giving accurate and transparent information when it comes to alternative litigation funding options.”

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About TheJudge:

With over a decade of experience, TheJudge is the largest and longest-established broker in the litigation risk transfer market. they specialise in hedging litigation costs for their clients by utilising their expertise in After the Event (‘ATE’) litigation insurance, Third Party Funding and various other forms of legal expenses, insurance and financial instruments for all types of litigation. TheJudge is the chosen specialist broker for many of the leading Dispute Resolution and Litigation teams around the world, serving a diverse client base.


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