British company pledges solar panels to help households and businesses to reduce their energy expenses

England – 12/10/2012 – British firm ‘Trusted Solar Company’ is pledging to help households and businesses to ‘go green’ and harness the power of the sun through providing them with reliable solar panels.

More and more people are endeavouring to find new ways to reduce their energy costs – especially as more news stories appear reporting price increases to be imposed by energy companies. Meanwhile, many people are increasingly driven by environmental concerns to try to reduce their ‘carbon footprint’ – in other words, the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that their electricity use produces. Thankfully, both of these types of people can have their concerns addressed through arranging for the installation of solar panels from British firm ‘Trusted Solar Company’.

Though there are many UK companies providing solar panels, these companies are often not independent and, hence, tend to provide solar panels from just one brand or manufacturer. Where ‘Trusted Solar Company’ differs is that it is a genuinely independent solar company and, hence,  can offer a wide variety of solar panels to suit a similarly wide variety of buildings. However, this only begins to hint at the true worth of the solar panels available from ‘Trusted Solar Company’.

So many merits of Trusted Solar Company’s solar panels

The independent nature of ‘Trusted Solar Company’ enables it to provide its customers with solar panel Photovoltaic (PV) systems and installations which are especially appropriate for the different structures and features of different buildings. Furthermore, all of the Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and products available from ‘Trusted Solar Company’ are accredited by an internationally recognised quality assurance scheme known as MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme). This indicates that these solar panels and products have been rigorously tested in the UK.

A ‘Trusted Solar Company’ spokesperson stated: “We can judge from the many comments that we have received from previous customers that many of them are delighted with not only how quickly the solar panels they purchased from us could be installed, but also the amount of money that they usually spend on electricity usage that the solar panels have helped them to save in the long term.”

The ‘Trusted Solar Company’ website is likely to become increasingly popular among Britons seeking to arrange for the installation of solar panels onto their residence or corporate building, especially given the increasingly high use of the World Wide Web (WWW) among many Britons.


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