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Garden Ornaments

Sussex, UK October 24th, 2012 – The garden has become an increasingly important part of the home, providing homeowners and tenants alike with additional living space away from the main area of the house. People have a greater tendency to entertain outdoors than ever before while the garden remains a popular area to relax. Modern items like patio heaters and furniture sets combine with planting and attractive garden design and can incorporate one or more garden ornaments to add another element to the outdoor space created.

Ornaments are a traditional addition to the garden and whether it is for a town garden or a larger country garden there are ornaments, statues, and features that are designed to suit. Different sizes can be used for different purposes so while a smaller statue can be hidden amongst shrubbery and trees to surprise those looking around a garden, a considerably larger statue can take pride in place as a main focal point.

Water features are a popular type of ornament because they not only look attractive but they introduce water to the garden. The sound of running water is a relaxing sound, which is why it is used in Japanese gardens especially. What’s more, the addition of water can attract a more diverse range of insects and wildlife to the garden giving it an even greater and more beneficial place to spend time.

Geoff’s Garden Ornaments has a wide range of garden ornaments, statues, and features. From gargoyles to lion statues and from fountains to urns, garden designers and home gardeners can find a great range of items to perfectly complement the design and appeal of the garden area. Prices are competitive and arrangements can be made for the delivery of large items.

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