21/10/2012- Optipro offer affordable voltage optimisation to save energy, which could help you to save money on the cost of your electricity bills.

Optipro specialise in voltage management and power quality. They offer services which can be used to reduce energy waste and cut electricity bills significantly. If you run a company and are looking to cut your power costs, their bespoke voltage management services could help you to achieve your targets.

The company claim to help their clients save significant amounts of money and reduce their carbon footprints by using a range of bespoke power quality and voltage optimisation and management strategies.

They can offer advice to anyone who is looking to use voltage optimisation to save energy and are fully qualified to implement and install voltage optimisation equipment. No matter whether you need voltage stabilisation, power factor correction or voltage optimisation, they offer a service to suit.

Unlike many other voltage management companies, Optipro offer several techniques to help their clients achieve the right energy balance. They say that they treat each client as an individual, looking at their specific requirements and creating a bespoke service to suit. Using their expertise, they claim they can offer cost effective solutions to most voltage management problems.

All Optipro engineers are skilled professionals from MEC Electrical Contractors Ltd and all work is carried out by in-house contractors for a better service and continuity.

One happy Optipro client said: “I believe I made the right choice, and when the energy bills came in and proved it, I was relieved to say the least.”

About Optipro:

Optipro are specialists in power and voltage management. They have many years of experience in providing cost effective voltage management solutions to companies of all size. They work hard to develop and deliver bespoke voltage management and power quality services to all of their clients.

The company are experts in their field and only employ highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who all work as part of a team to deliver Optipro systems.


Optipro Ltd

Rotterdam House

116 Quayside

Newcastle upon Tyne

Zip: NE1 3DY

Tel: +44 (0) 191 414 6471

Website: http://optiprouk.com/voltage-management-techniques/voltage-optimisation/