London, UK, October 10th 2011 — According to fashion designer Yves Saint Lauren “Fashions fade, style is eternal” and this is perhaps best seen in the shape of caps and other forms of headwear because many of the styles that we see on the streets, in the newspapers, and in modern culture, are at best a modern take on a traditional design. Caps, whether they’re baseball caps or bakerboy caps, for example, have been sported for centuries and yet they continue to be amongst the most popular forms of fashion today.

The flat cap is sometimes seen as being a mark of the working class but history shows that nothing could be further from the truth. While working class men certainly sported flat caps for their functionality and their usefulness, the upper classes and nobility also wore flat caps in their various guises. The modern era of headwear is filled with such items of headwear as both men and women flock to hat shops in search of flat caps or newsboy caps, apple caps or bakerboy caps.

One thing that has changed with modern headwear is the huge selection of materials, colours, and styles that are bow available. It definitely isn’t necessary to buy potentially itchy traditional woollen caps, although you can find these too and they do usually have a silk or other soft lining inside to protect the wearer’s head from the potentially irritating material of the cap itself.

The Hat Shop is one of the largest hat and headwear suppliers based in the UK. Their extensive online catalogue enables fashion lovers from all over Europe access to some of the best known hat manufacturers in the country including those from Christy’s, the world’s oldest hat manufacturer.


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