England – 08/10/2011– More and more homeowners are waking up to the fact that they need the services of an ecologist to get planning permission.

If your child came to you and said they wanted to be an ecologist when they grow up most parents would sigh heavily and hope that it was a phase and that their kid would become a vet instead. Not because they look down on the profession of ecologist, but because they think there is not much demand for the services of ecologists.

Well odd as it may seem, nowadays, becoming an ecologist is actually a very good career move. This is because their services are now in demand not just from farmers, builders and heavy industry. A growing number of homeowners now need the services of an ecologist when they want to carry out a building project.

When Does A Homeowner Need An Ecologist?

If a homeowner has trees close to their property that they want to cut back or remove to make way for an extension or simply to give them more light they may need the permission of their local council. This is because under the Trees in Relation to Construction – Recommendations planning laws the local council is responsible for ensuring that the population of trees in their area remains stable. This is seen essential by the government to maintain biodiversity and to provide a framework for healthy ecosystems. The original law of 1991 was further strengthened in 2005, so it is not a planning requirement that is set to go away any time soon.

Even if you are not actually planning to build anything you cannot simply cut down a tree anymore. You need planning permission. To get that permission you have to have a tree survey carried out by a fully qualified ecologist. During the tree survey the ecologist assesses the age, health and life expectancy of your tree. They also note whether any protected species of animal, bird or insect is using that tree as a food source or as a home.

Firms like Arbtech who specialise in tree surveys, bat surveys have seen their client base shift drastically from big business and farmer to home owners within the last decade.


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