Established in 1991, Gecko was the first business in the UK specialising in home cinema. Gecko systems promise superior picture and sound quality than any alternative at the price, with this in mind Gecko have invested over £500,000 in the UK’s only purpose built hifi and home cinema demonstration rooms.

The golden rule for anyone looking to buy a quality hifi or home cinema is to thoroughly audition as many different systems as possible before committing to any solution. With hundreds of clients in the film, music and TV industry Gecko recognised the need to be able to demonstrate systems that would satisfy the standards of those familiar with professional quality sound and vision.

In the same way you need to visit a race track to assess a racing car, you need to visit an acoustically treated facility to be sure that any quality audio system you hear is not being compromised by the space it is used in. These listening rooms are the only place in the country where this is possible.

In addition to making it quick and easy to audition the widest range of high performance system in the UK, Gecko keep the world’s finest music and movie systems on show.

Gecko’s “house” home cinema system uses the exact same loudspeakers system that the world’s leading film makers use to record their films with. Using the same M&K loudspeaker system in your home cinema as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal and hundreds of the world’s leading film makers use to mix their films with will get you closer to what the director intend than any alternative system.

The world’s only all-digital home cinema system from Steinway Lyngdorf is also on permanent demonstration at Gecko. This system delivers a level of fidelity, detail, power and consistency that no other systems are capable of. Additionally the Steinway Lyngdorf D Music system is available for demonstration exclusively at Gecko. This is the only music system in the world that can perfectly reproduce the live performance.

To experience the world’s finest music and home theatre contact:

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