Central Health Physiotherapy Team Member Prepares for World Triathlon Championships

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London, United Kingdom (18th September 2012) – Central Health Physiotherapy, one of the largest and most respected physiotherapy companies in the UK, announced that a London physiotherapist is currently preparing for the World Triathlon Championships.

A little over three and a half years ago, one of Central Health Physiotherapy’s Chelsea physiotherapists in their outpatients’ clinic at The Royal Hospital was beginning to find her size 14 clothes quite tight and uncomfortable. Miserable at the prospect of having to buy size 16 clothes, Laura decided that something needed to change so a colleague suggested she should take up running to lose weight – something she thought she could never do.

With much persuasion and motivation, she conquered her fear and started running. Before long, the same colleague suggested she should try a 10k run; she protested, claiming that she was incapable. However, the colleague entered her into the 10k marathon anyway and she achieved a great time. Following the run, Laura undertook the John O’Groats to Land’s End Cycle for charity and discovered how much she enjoyed cycling.

When her colleague suggested triathlons, Laura protested again – doubting her swimming skills – but he remained undeterred and felt confident she would improve. After her first attempt, she was hooked and continued to achieve better and better results. Now in her third triathlon season, Laura is preparing for the World Triathlon Championships. She has been chosen to represent Great Britain in Auckland, New Zealand, in October, and the competition will see some of the world’s best athletes compete head-to-head in seven world-class events.

A spokesperson for Central Health Physiotherapy commented: “We’re all amazed and in awe of Laura, who has proven that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Her dedication, persistence, and passion – whilst still holding down a full-time job – have helped make her one of the finest young athletes in the country, and Central Health Physiotherapy would like to wish her warm congratulations on her success and the very best of luck for the World Triathlon Championships.”

For more information on Central Health Physiotherapy, visit their website at http://www.central-health.com

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Central Health Physiotherapy is one of the leading physiotherapy companies in London and can offer a variety of treatments that can help clients return, maintain and build their health and fitness. They offer a wide range of physiotherapy treatments including hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, massage, acupuncture, personal training, Pilates, and more.

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