Club Training Offers Personal Trainers One Of The Highest PT Salaries In The UK

Club Training personal trainers receive a higher share of their hourly rate than any other health chain in the country. Trainers keep 76% and 85% of their earnings depending on location and company. Major brands under Club Training include LA Fitness and DW Sports Fitness.

London, UK January 21 2011 – Personal trainer network Club Trainer is offers personal trainers the opportunity to earn more for their work while operating in some of the most popular and well known fitness clubs in the country. While most personal trainers may only keep around 50% but with Club Training, trainers can keep hold of 76% and 85% of their earnings.

To make sure that you’re getting the best deal as a personal trainer you can submit your own earnings from any major health club and Club Training guarantees that you would be better off with a personal training job with them.

Club Training puts trainers in several different health clubs across the country including LA Fitness and DW Sports Fitness as well as Greens and Golds Gym.

LA Fitness is one of, if not the strongest personal training brand in the UK and personal trainers with LA Fitness keep a lot of their money. Trainers working 25 sessions a week get to keep 70% to 80% and earn £5 to £10 per more per training session making a PT position with LA Fitness highly desirable.

DW Sports Fitness trainers keep 85% of their earnings assuming that they hold 25 sessions per week. With membership bases of 4,000 or more in many of the chain’s 5 star health clubs, it is a desirable chain to work in for many personal trainers.

Club Training also offers assistance to personal trainers that are going freelance for the first time. It can be a massive step into the unknown and Club Training offers a list of the benefits and pitfalls of freelancing while dispelling the myths that surround setting up your own business.

About Club Training:

Club Training is a network of personal trainers that operate in various health clubs and gyms across the country. They offer the best commission rate to personal trainers as well as the opportunity to work in some of the best quality and most popular brands around. They guarantee to beat any major health club brand on the commission that their PTs get to keep. For more information on how to join Club Training and receive a Personal Training license with one of their many health clubs visit their website at


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