Yorkshire, United Kingdom (11 February 2011) – Monster Supplements, a leading UK supplier of nutritional products, now supply the dietary BBS D-Aspartic Acid supplement.

Many people struggle to lose weight or maintain a high level of energy during their workout. This can ultimately ruin many people’s motivation to live a healthy and active lifestyle. However, there are many nutritional cheap protein supplements on the market that can aid the weight loss and energy process.

Monster Supplements have been a supplier of nutritional supplements for nearly twenty years. Founded by competitive body builders, their mission is to offer their customers a more suitable and affordable alternative to high street brands. They continually aim to provide their customers with products which are extremely beneficial to their health, which is why they supply the BBS D-Aspartic Acid supplement to their customers. This body building supplement can improve physical exercise by providing a faster recovery between workouts, quickly repairing muscles and improving strength and power. BBS D-Aspartic Acid supplements can also assist in fat loss due to its high testosterone levels, and can utilise fat more effectively as an energy source.

Adam Campbell of Monster Supplements commented: “A healthy diet and regular physical exercise are an effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, if a person does not see the results they expect then this can ruin their motivation and can lead to significant health issues. It is our mission to ensure that we provide nutritional supplements that can transform our customers’ health and appearance. BBS D-Aspartic Acid is a fantastic fat burner supplement that can improve physical performance and physique. Many male athletes use this dietary product to improve their strength and muscle power, and it is an affordable alternative to many high street brands.”

For more information on Monster Supplements and the BBS D-Aspartic Acid supplement, visit their website at http://monstersupplements.com/ or telephone 0800 107 7845.

About Monster Supplements:
Monster Supplements are one of the largest online retailers of bodybuilding supplements and muscle supplements in the UK today. Their Hull warehouse has a capacity of over 25,000ft which is home to a huge range of supplements to aid weight loss and to gain bulk. They can offer free delivery within the UK for their online products, and customers ordering online can typically save 50% when compared to high-street prices. They also offer training advice for free, either in-store or through their 24-hour helpline.

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