Cognizant To Establish A Digital Works Collaboratory In Melbourne, Australia

Cognizant  (NASDAQ: CTSH) today announced that it will establish a Cognizant Digital Works Collaboratory in Melbourne, Australia. The Collaboratory will provide dedicated space for open collaboration among Cognizant, customers, and partners to design, prototype, and build digital solutions of the future.

The announcement was made following the visit of Philip Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Government of Victoria, to New York City. Using the Collaboratory and its proven Accelerator Methodology Cognizant will further enhance and extend its digital business transformation capabilities to help customers manage innovation and build solutions for the digital economy.

The Collaboratory will include a showcase of new technologies in action, a fabrication space for prototyping, tools for “making” and collaboration, and supporting technologies for mobile and Internet of Things solutions. Interdisciplinary teams of strategists, designers, technologists, data scientists, and human sciences experts will work in the Collaboratory side-by-side with customers and partners to reimagine business and explore the art of the possible with new technologies. The Melbourne Collaboratory will connect to the greater Cognizant global network of digital solution facilities.

“Cognizant is a world leader in building the digital economy and we welcome the company’s decision to locate their new Australia New Zealand HQ and state-of-the-art Collaboratory in Melbourne,” said Philip Dalidakis. “This is a huge vote of confidence in Victoria as a magnet for tech and business investment, as well as a big boost for high-skill jobs in our booming tech sector.”

“As physical value chains of the industrial era give way to more agile value chains with data and digital capabilities infused at every step of the process, the opportunity is to build new business and operational models, improve productivity, and drive superior customer experiences,” said Gajen Kandiah, President, Cognizant Digital Works. “As one of the leading builders of the digital economy, we integrate analytics, intelligent products, design capability, cloud services, mobility, advisory services, and deep industry domain expertise. Our network of Collaboratory spaces helps us do that.”

Cognizant established its presence in Melbourne in 2006, and the city will serve as the company’s Australia headquarters. Cognizant delivers a wide range of technology, consulting, and business process services in the region to more than 50 clients across industry sectors, including two of the top four Australian banks as well as major insurers, retailers, and communications firms. In 2014, Cognizant acquired the Melbourne-headquartered Odecee, a provider of mobility, web, and cloud solutions in Australia and New Zealand, strengthening its digital business transformation expertise and expanding its portfolio of tools and services.

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