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England – {22/10/10} UK-based Crimson is a new organization offering tailored, professional document solutions. Their new website has enabled them to focus on their key services, offering outstanding levels of service and value for money.

The 21st Century has seen the development of The Digital Age, with technology at the forefront of the majority of businesses worldwide. In an age where everything is done on a computer and online, it seems out of place to have thousands of pages of documentation taking up valuable space in your office.

Crimson has seen the gap in the market for quality document management services and pounced upon it with a brand new website Thanks to a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team behind Crimson is able to provide a truly unique tailored professional document service; a service that’s flexible and fast.

A Proud History

One of the many reasons why the new website has already been labeled as a success is because the people behind Crimson are no novices; they’re experts at what they do and the heritage of Crimson stretches back to 1977 when MTL (now part of Crimson) launched a microfilm services bureau in Lancashire. After an expansion into the document-scanning sector in 1998, the team behind MTL and Crimson is still there and continues to provide an unbeatable service.

Digital Services for the Future

The launch of the new Crimson site has enabled them to really focus on providing digital services, such as Document Scanning, Data Capture, Email Management, Book Scanning and Forms
Processing. However, they also offer partner services including Offsite Storage, Confidential Archive Destruction, and Scanner Maintenance Support.

At a time when companies are expected to be online and provide documents digitally, Crimson are well placed to serve the UK and beyond. For more information on the services, they provide visit their website at
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