Conveyancing Quotes – Five Questions You Should Ask

When you’re obtaining conveyancing quotes for the purchase or sale of a property (or both), you’re likely to find that conveyancing fees differ from one company to another.

Buying and selling property can be very stressful and if you’ve never bought or sold property before, the whole experience can be a bit bewildering. With this in mind, choosing the right conveyancer at an affordable price can have a big impact on how smoothly the process goes.

Keep reading to discover five important questions you should ask when looking for conveyancing quotes.

  • Do you charge an hourly rate?

Conveyancing can take weeks if not months to complete and if you are being charged hourly rates it will be impossible to find out exactly what the full costs will be. Choosing a service which charges hourly rates can be risky as you can end up with a very expensive bill which you may not have budgeted for.

  • What’s included in your quote?

When you ask for a conveyancing quote, you should also make sure you see a breakdown of what it includes according to The Co-operative Legal Services. Not all conveyancing quotes will be laid out in the same way and an itemised quote will allow you to compare the costs between companies. It will also allow you to clearly see what you are being charged for.

  • What happens if my purchase or sale falls through?

Conveyancing costs are a necessary part of buying and selling property, but what would happen if your sale or purchase falls through? The Co-operative Legal Services provide a ‘no move, no fee’ guarantee which means you won’t have to pay any legal costs if your sale or purchase doesn’t go ahead for any reason. You will only have to pay for third parties costs which have already been incurred. A ‘no move, no fee’ guarantee could therefore save you a small fortune should the unexpected happen.

  • Will I be charged extra for letters and phone calls?

Following on from the second point above, you should ask if your conveyancing costs include any charges for making phone calls or sending you letters. These costs can soon mount up if your purchase and sale are particularly complex.

  • Can you give me a fixed fee quote up front?

Being told what your conveyancing fees are going to be up front is great for helping you budget when buying and selling property. There may be some additional costs not quoted for if any problems crop up along the way, but a good conveyancer will keep you informed throughout so your final bill for conveyancing costs don’t come as a shock.

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The Co-operative Legal Services provide free conveyancing quotes for their fixed fee conveyancing service. Their service is backed by a ‘no move, no fee guarantee’ and they do not charge hourly rates.


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