Cooper Matthews Provide Restructuring to Keep Businesses Trading

Leeds, United Kingdom (17 December 2010) – Cooper Matthews, a leading provider of business debt advice and solutions for small to medium businesses experiencing financial difficulties, are using their company debt rescue expertise to help keep businesses trading through the use of various restructuring processes.

The international credit crunch has starved many businesses of the cash needed to meet operating costs by cutting away traditional funding sources such as bank loans and overdrafts, with even some lending facilities setup before the economic slump being drastically reduced or withdrawn completely.

Property prices have plummeted as a result of the economic downturn, meaning that unless a business owns its properties outright, it is virtually impossible to raise mortgage finance against the strength of commercial property. It’s therefore advisable for a company in financial difficulty to consider restructuring their business model as a means of raising much needed cash.

One option is asset refinance, which involves borrowing against the fixed assets within the business. This is most likely to work effectively in sectors where companies own large assets with quantifiable resale values, such as heavy machinery. The business must completely own an asset in order to raise money against it.

Alternatives for businesses in lighter industries include invoice financing, which allows companies to raise cash based on outstanding invoices, as well as trade finance, where money can be received for up to 80% of the value of a confirmed order that the company would otherwise lack to funding to fulfil.

“Many company directors are being turned down by their banks for finance which is vital for the maintenance and restructuring of their business,” commented a spokesperson for Cooper Matthews. “The worrying thing is that these business owners seem to be totally unaware of the alternative solutions open to them for raising capital. Many businesses have a wealth of value locked away inside them ranging from the plant and machinery within their buildings to their contracts and the invoices associated with these.

“If directors are looking for ways to finance growth in their business or simply need a way to finance a restructuring solution, in these difficult economic conditions, it is vital that they understand all the options open to them.”

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Copper Matthews is a provider of business debt advice and solutions for small to medium businesses experiencing financial difficulties. They are committed to employing a whole market approach in order to identify and deliver the right solution for individual business needs, and, if necessary, are able to assist throughout the liquidation process.


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