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London, United Kingdom (July 05, 2010) – Innovate CV, a global interactive CV platform, has launched its Career & Training Centre, providing candidates with creative and interactive training, testing and career counselling courses to give them skills and knowledge to succeed in getting their ideal job, as well as ongoing training and support during their careers.  

Getting a job in the current economic climate is not easy. Ensuring that a CV coherently represents a candidate’s abilities without spelling mistakes, poor grammar and missing information is one critical element to success but ensuring the right skills for the job are verified is essential.

This is the very time when training matters most in order to equip people with the skills to find new jobs. With over 100 interactive courses to pick from 24 hours a day, gaining confidence and marketability has never been easier. The courses vary – from advice on careers to practical training in a range of areas including, communication, IT (including Microsoft office courses for all levels of ability) and sales – so that individuals can fill any skill gaps and turn their new knowledge into paper qualifications to impress potential employers. The courses are not only educational, but are entertaining at the same time, and feature celebrities – such as John Cleese, Dawn French and Jamie Oliver. The majority of the courses have interactive testing built-in and the Innovate CV diploma and score can be directly uploaded onto an Innovate CV.

Daniella Winton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Innovate CV, commented: ”Getting the right help at the right time is essential. This is about getting new skills and qualifications or keeping skills up to date on paper to get the right job. Typically quality training is expensive and that’s why we have set up state-of-the-art online learning that is affordable and fun.

“People have a new confidence in themselves by using the Career & Training Centre. It’s transformative and people see that what’s good for them is good for business, and vice versa. Whether a candidate is interested in switching career paths, obtaining advanced training and certificates, or a first-time job seeker in need of general business training, this provides the answer for all.”

The Innovate CV Career &Training Centre also hosts profile interviews with top professionals from a variety of industries who share their passion for their subjects in a relevant and engaging way, offering tips to candidates looking to enter their profession and some practical advice on being successful once they land their dream job. Some come from training backgrounds, some are renowned industry experts and speakers and some are global board directors.

Whilst ensuring that their skills are up to date, Innovate CV also offers candidates the best opportunity in the marketplace to create an online CV with video and photo features and a variety of other functionality.

To find out more about Innovate CV and their services, visit their website at or telephone 0845 460 4613 during office hours.

About Innovate CV:

Aiming to turn the recruitment world on its head through unique, innovative measures, Innovate CV is looking to make the creating, editing, distributing and tracking of a CV as simple and as effective as possible. Master in helping to create a good CV, can help a client stand out from the competition by crafting a powerful CV for recruiters, agencies and employers. Offering dynamic results, Innovate CV is affordable and can help to save time during the recruitment process.

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