For millennia, cosmetics have been a social and health necessity for humans. The benefits of face care products can be appreciated in every corner of the globe: from the Tuareg tribes who make up their eyes in order to prevent eye infections, to the modern women who, aided by a smart use of cosmetics, are able to show how radiant and secure they feel. Hence, make up is sexy and healthy at the same time. It helps us with our social life, from the moment we buy it and learn a couple of tips from the shop keeper (or a YouTube video!) up until the time it entirely reflects our personality and mood. Cosmetics are universal: they unite friends and strengthen their bonds and they send the clearest signals to those we have not yet been introduced to.

In addition, face care products reveal how dedicated, elegant, subtle and delicate we are. Make up shows that we care for the professional environment and that we make due efforts to have an image in accordance with circumstances and the respect owed to workmates. Furthermore, and as a Boston University study recently found out (N. Etcoff et al., 2011), women who wear make up are perceived as more competent in the workplace. Last but not least, applying eye cover concealer can be really useful when arriving to the office on Saturday morning!

Once out of work, make up also signals our joyfulness and wilderness, our commitment to be ever happy without never taking us too much too serious. All this is better done with make up since, as published by an important psychology magazine (I. Brdar, 1996), women find themselves more at ease while wearing cosmetics, thus having a more satisfying social life and achieving better results. Not to be discarded either is the fact that smart girls know how to include make up in the whole of the party process, as a ritual jump-start boosting the mood and setting the beauty rules.

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