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England 10/09/2012- Country dating from Kissing Gates has proved more popular than even its founders thought was possible

The concept behind country dating from Kissing Gates is simple. People who live and work in the country tend to lead very busy and active lives. They have very little time for socialising and when they do socialise it tends to be within a few miles of where they live. Because there are far less people living in the countryside than there are in town they meet far less people. Therefore, finding ‘the one’ can be far more difficult for people who live in the countryside. The densities of the population in the areas they live mean that the odds are very much stacked against them.

Of course, if they do socialise regularly outside of where they live or sign up for traditional dating sites their chances of meeting someone they like does go up. However, many people from the countryside are then faced with a new problem. The country life is definitely not for everyone. It is hard work and you have to get used to being a car journey away from many of the basis amenities.

Unfortunately, many people who live in more urban environments do not fancy moving to a small village. This means that many relationships end up being shorter because at the end of the day the two people discover that they really do not want the same lifestyle.

The founders of Kissing Gate realised that this was a problem, but could see a simple solution. They set up their specialist-dating website to fill a gap in the market and make it easy for people who lived and worked in the countryside to find their ideal partner. It was a runaway success.

How country dating from Kissing Gates works

The Kissing Gates dating service works exactly the same way any other online dating service does. The only difference being that the people signing up on the site are people who live in the countryside and want to continue to do so. Not surprisingly, they have over a thousand farmers listed on their site, but there are thousands of others from other walks of life who just happen to love living in the country and are looking for someone else who feels the same way.


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