New Ice Cream Flavour Sold at Haven Devon Cliffs

England 10/09/2012- When Haven Holidays asked for a new ice cream for the beach cafe at Haven Devon Cliffs they were overwhelmed by the amazing response

Haven Devon Cliffs is one of Haven Holidays most popular sites. It is a five star site offering an amazing range of activities. However, it also offers many traditional delights including a beautiful beach complete with a fantastic beachfront cafe.

The staff at Haven are always looking for new ways to entertain and engage the people who holiday with them. This is the case even when they are not actually on holiday with them. The firm has a huge social media following and its Facebook page is especially popular. Tens of thousands of people follow them, so when Haven asked them to come up with a new ice cream flavour that represented what they had to offer they were inundated with ideas.

The suggestions reflected the fun nature of the company and included rhubarb and custard and cola flavoured ice cream with a fizzy sorbet ripple. However, the winner was strawberry trifle. It was suggested by Lisa Connelly who said “It was traditional, British, fun and loved just like Haven’. The Haven team agreed. They especially liked the fact that strawberry trifle was a traditional British dessert, which had been popular with generations. It is a dessert that has been constantly modified and re-invented yet remains recognisable to the generation before. Just like Haven holidays themselves, who still offer essentially traditional British holidays, but with all the modern conveniences and extras the families of today are looking for.

Haven Devon Cliffs ice cream goes down a storm

The Haven Family Holidays website reports that this new ice cream flavour was an instant hit when they served it up at Haven Devon Cliffs’ South Beach cafe. It is made by a dairy that uses milk from their own herd called the Otter Valley Dairy Farm. They provide the site and cafe with a range of locally produced produce, so the ice cream not only tastes great it is also environmentally friendly. The farm is only 7 miles away from the site itself.


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