Damp Proofing From London Home Counties Can Prevent Major Repair Bills

London, UK July 6th 2012 – Damp can be a serious and costly problem in a home. Initially, it may manifest as a musty smell and damp patches on the wall but eventually it can lead to cracked foundations and split walls. Early repairs can cost a little but if the property is left to reach the latter stages of damp then the costs quickly mount up and it could even lead to walls and foundations needing to be rebuilt; a cost few can afford to meet.

It is important that homeowners keep an eye out for early signs of damp. These may occur anywhere but will most commonly form under windows and doors or in the basement. Damp proofing should be fitted as a matter of course in new buildings but it won’t last forever so homeowners should consider the age of their existing damp proofing solutions to determine whether it is yet necessary to replace them with a new solution.

Damp proofing from London Home Counties can provide this level of protection that is required. Ideally, it should be fitted before damp becomes a problem but this isn’t always possible. London Home Counties can diagnose a damp problem in the home before repairing the damage that has been done and then installing new damp proofing to prevent the problem from resurfacing at a later date.

London Home Counties is a team of professional builders who are experienced, qualified, and skilled in the detection, repair, and prevention of damp within properties. They also offer basement waterproofing and a range of other associated products and services. They have successfully helped many homeowners to protect their investment and their family and continue to offer these same high quality services to many more.

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