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15/11/2012- Data marketing at could help you to save money and increase your sales when marketing your products and services. claim that it can help businesses to save money and increase their chances of making a sale, by ensuring that they only market their products to consumers who are likely to be interested in and respond to the products and services they offer.

Data marketing is a fantastic way to improve the sales of a company but it tends to be the case that it only has an impact on those people who would likely use your product or service anyway. If you like, it gives them a nudge in the right direction. That is why has devised a service that helps businesses identify consumers who are interested in their products and services. use a range of methods, including data analytics, data cleansing and propensity modeling to identify individuals who are most valuable to a company. The company in question can then create a highly targeted data marketing campaign which, claims will result in a much higher percentage of conversions.

The company claim that they are able to save money and increase sales using its predictive models for audience selection. They claim that the expertise in data marketing at is unrivaled and will produce real results which will see companies thrive.

About was founded in 1990 where it built and maintained a UK-compiled database. After its initial success, it expanded into the area of managing marketing databases on the behalf of other businesses, streamlining procedures as they learned more about the business.

The company then expanded into other areas, such as data selection and transaction processing, before establishing a faction of Qbase in the US, dealing with US market opportunities.

The company’s main aim is to help its clients improve efficiency, save money and increase sales by implementing data-driven strategies that can improve marketing campaigns significantly.


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