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13/11/2012- Loft insulation at comes in a variety of different materials which are suitable for use when insulating a range of homes in any circumstance.

YBS are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of insulation materials and they offer some of the most innovative loft insulation products, which are all made to the highest possible standards. The company manufacture their own loft insulation products and this means that they can offer high quality products at competitive prices.

YBS offer some fantastic loft insulation products which you will not find elsewhere, Their non-itch insulation, for instance, is an innovative product which is perfect for builders who suffer from allergies and skin irritations, and their Therma-flect insulation offers a 20% higher level of energy efficiency than standard EPS. With such innovations, they have made the business of insulating the home and using energy more efficiently, a simple one.

YBS claim that loft insulation at is of such a high quality that it can easily last 20 years or more once it has been installed in the home. The company also proudly claim that their loft insulation is extremely user friendly, taking all of the hassle out of fitting, meaning that builders can get the job done in a much quicker, more efficient manner than they could with loft insulation from other suppliers.

YBS Insulation also sells tools which can make the process of insulating any loft a breeze. These used in combination with their own insulation products, they claim, enables much faster fitting of loft insulation in almost any environment.

About YBS Insulation:

YBS have been in the loft insulation industry for more than three decades. During that time, they have perfected the loft insulation manufacturing process and have made many innovations in the field, which have led to their products being amongst the best in Europe.

All of the loft insulation at is manufactured to the highest standard with cost and efficiency in mind. The company offer low prices and high quality which is difficult to match


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