England 14/2/2013 – As homeowners try to make better use of the space they have available, demand for basement waterproofing is increasing

Until fairly recently basement waterproofing was very much a specialist service that there was not that much demand for. Today, this is growing as more property owners are having their basements waterproofed to transform them from rudimentary storage spaces into new rooms.

They are doing so for several reasons. Many families in the UK are struggling to fund a move to a larger home. Some do not have sufficient income to allow them to do so. However, there are many others who simply cannot get a new mortgage because they do not meet the new stricter criteria set by the banks. Some of these people have an income and at least some cash in the bank, just not enough to move to a larger home. For them making better use of existing space in their home is the next best option. Those that have cellars or basements are converting them. However, not all basements are waterproof. Fortunately, this can be quickly rectified using either a cementitous or a cavity membrane system.

New basements also pushing up demand

In certain areas, the sky-high price of property is leading to people having new basements and underground rooms built. One building firm that works in the Chelsea and Kensington area has seen demand for basement extensions increase by over 200% in the past ten years. Their clients are living in an area where property costs £8,038 per m2. Many buildings in this area and other parts of London have gardens that are too small or too close to neighbours to allow traditional extensions to be built. Many of these homeowners are having basements built.

They or the contractors who are building these basements are turning to specialist waterproofing firms to ensure that their new basement area is properly waterproofed. A Dobing has over forty years of experience, and are located close to London, so they have seen demand for their basement waterproofing services increase drastically in the past few years.

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