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04/05/2012- Digitalid are the company to go to for all of your membership card needs, whatever they may be.

If you are a company who needs to create membership cards for whatever reason, then you will find that membership cards from Digitalid offer you everything that you need. Whether you are looking to buy ready printed membership cards which you can customise to suit your own needs or you are looking for the relevant software and equipment which will allow you to print membership cards in house, they have everything you need to create excellent quality membership cards to represent your business.


Printed membership cards from Digitalid are great for those who want a simple membership card which can be customised. They have many high quality designs available, from visitors cards to VIP cards and even gym membership cards, so whatever design you are looking for, they will be able to help you with your needs.

All of the printed membership cards from Digitalid come with the option of having a magnetic strip, chip or barcode added, so that they can be scanned or swiped for extra security too, so if you are looking for membership cards that offer security, Digitalid should be your first port of call.

The membership cards from Digitalid are all of the highest quality. They have been professionally designed and printed using the best technology, so they will really impress your members. It important to have a membership card which looks professional because it reflects on your business and if it was shabby, people may think less of your company – that isn’t a problem with membership cards from Digitalid.

As well as offering printed membership cards, Digitalid also stock a great range of card printers and blank plastic cards, so, should you choose to, you can print your own membership cards in house, on demand.

About Digitalid:

Digitalid are one of the UK’s biggest online retailers of membership cards and card printing equipment. They stock everything from printed membership cards to ID card systems, card printers and badge holders.



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