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England 29/08/2012- Document destruction from is a valuable service that UK businesses increasingly need

Document destruction from is a service there is a lot of demand for. Not so long ago businesses did not have to worry very much, about how they held and dealt with their customers details. In most cases, they were very careful to keep details as confidential as possible, so this meant keeping documents securely locked away. Companies did this because they understood that their customers would be upset if they found that their personal details were known to others. Most companies realised that if they upset a customer in that way they would be likely to go elsewhere.

It was this fact that lead companies to try their best to keep their customer details confidential. However, when it came to destroying information many companies were not particularly careful. Big firms with boilers in their buildings did the best job because they could burn documents in their boiler. However, the vast majority of firms simply put old documents in the bin. This was not ideal, but because the information could not really be used against customers and the company who had disposed of the information would suffer no serious consequences it was common practice.

Today, the consequences of documents being destroyed by putting them in the bin are far more serious. Even basic correspondence that includes someone’s full name and address could be used by criminals. They can take this information and use it for identity theft the consequences of which are serious for the person being targeted. Many firms realised this, so took a more proactive approach and destroyed their documents properly. However, some still did not.

The Data Protection Act and document destruction from

The Data Protection Act changed that. The act obligated companies to destroy confidential documents in a secure way.

It was at this point that firms like CAS (Clarks Advanced Shredding Ltd) who offer secure shredding services saw an upsurge in demand. Firms know that the service that they offer is the most efficient way of meeting the standards laid down in The Data Protection Act.


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