Demand for Executive Coaching is Growing

England 12/04/2012 – More firms are realising the benefits of executive coaching and are training up personnel to coach others within the firm

Executive coaching is a concept that is alien to many UK companies. In the United States, when somebody is promoted to a management position they are usually given a coach. That coach helps them through the transition into a management position and works with them to develop their management skills. Within many UK companies, this only happens on an informal basis. There is little structured and organised support from the existing management team. New managers are typically developed by sending them away on out of house training courses. However, this is gradually changing and more UK companies are seeing the benefits of using executive coaching.

Formally providing new managers with support from the existing management team allows them to be developed far more quickly. The fact that they are getting specific coaching from inside the company means that the training they get is far more targeted and relevant. Of course, they also benefit from out of house training, but by using the two forms of training, a far more rounded manager is produced.

However, in order to be an effective coach you yourself need training. Coaching somebody is very different from many of the usual day-to-day functions a manager will carry out. To be effective coaching support needs to be pitched at the right level and to be structured. For example, to be a successful coach you need to build strong rapport with the person you are coaching. The nature of the relationship is different from that you have with people who you manage on a day-to-day basis. You need to learn new listening techniques and to be able to deliver feedback in a different way.

Executive coaching training

Adalta Development has seen demand for their executive coaching training courses soar in the past year or so. They are putting more and more HR managers, supervisors, middle managers and team leaders through this kind of training. Firms that train their entire management team in this way are reaping rewards, and are doing so quickly.


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