Luton Meet and Greet Services Get More Use

England 12/04/2012- Luton meet and greet parking has a long history

The first car park to offer a Luton Meet and Greet service was the Luton Central Car Storage car park. They have been providing airport parking since 1966. Despite being a relatively small family run firm they are one of the most innovative in the industry and have come up with several new services before competitors thought of them.

A meet and greet service is a very simple concept. It was originally designed for business users, but more and more ordinary travellers are seeing the benefits of using this service and are doing so themselves. Perhaps the biggest reason for this is that using a meeting greet parking service takes a lot of the stress and hassle out of arriving and departing the airport. For this, a lot of people are more than prepared to pay a little extra.

Most providers only offer a two-way service, however some car parks allow you to use this service only when you arrive back from your holiday.

When you arrive at the airport and are met there by a chauffeur once your luggage has been unloaded from your car but chauffeur takes your vehicle way and parks it off-site for you. When you return, from your vacation once you have landed, you call your car park and they send a chauffeur to the airport with your car. Because, you have to wait at the airport for your luggage to be unloaded there is no actual delay in getting your car. Once you have your luggage you go out of the terminal and your car is sitting there waiting for you.

Luton Meet and Greet Extras

In addition, some Luton meet and greet services offer extras. For example, some companies will valet your car whilst you are away. The fact that you get a pristine car back when you return from your holiday is what appeals to most people.

Luton Parking Discounts have seen demand for Luton meet and greet parking grow steadily in the past few years. This is despite the fact that the service often costs a little more.


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