Demand For Quality Engineering Software Is On The Up

England 20/08/2012- In order to innovate and meet modern engineering challenges quality engineering software is essential

Quality engineering software is a vital tool for the world’s engineers. Without the help of engineering software, many engineering challenges could not be easily solved. Engineers from all disciplines use software to help them to get the job done quickly and accurately. Plans that are drawn up using software can easily be shared with other members of a project team, so the use of engineering software is also important for efficiency.

Engineers from all disciplines use software. However, the vast majority of it is still used by the construction industry. They use it for far more than simply drawing up plans. Engineers in the industry mainly use software to work out whether or not their designs are safe. The majority of the software that building engineers use determines whether specific components in a building are able to withstand the stresses that they will be subjected to. This is vital even for a relatively simple building such as a car park. Each column in a multi-storey car park needs to be able to withstand the specific pressures it will be put under. Similar software is used by mining engineers to work out how to support the walls and ceiling of new mining installations.

Who produces this quality engineering software?

Firms such as Oasys Software are the people who design and build this software. They have a software engineering background stretching back decades. The software they have developed has come, initially, out of necessity. Engineers worked with Oasys to help them to develop software solutions to help them to quickly carry out the calculations they needed to complete the engineering projects they were working on.

The firms engineering pedigree has enabled them to produce innovative software solutions for many different engineering disciplines. They are constantly updating their products to take account of new building regulations and new research. Their most recent adaptation has come when they have overhauled their entire geotechnical suite to take account of Eurocode 7 standards and guidelines. To stay ahead of the game Oasys Software regularly consult with their clients to establish what they need now and in the future. This approach has allowed the company to develop top quality engineering software that continues to be useful decades after it was first developed and launched.


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