Pet Friendly Cottage Holidays As Popular As Ever

England 16/08/2012- Increasingly holiday home companies are including pet friendly cottage holidays in their range of packages

Years ago finding pet friendly cottage holidays is practically impossible. Signs saying no pets allowed were seen absolutely everywhere. In the past, if you wanted to take your dog or cat on holiday you really only had one option and that was to camp. However, slowly but surely things have changed. Today, finding a pet friendly bed and breakfast, hotel or holiday cottage is far easier than it once was. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the attitude of holiday cottage owners has changed considerably. The main reason they did not allow pets was that they were frightened that the animal would destroy the holiday home in some way. Gradually, over the years, they have come to understand that the majority of pet owners are responsible. They rarely if ever allow their pet to foul inside a home.

In addition, pet owners understand that should any damage occur as a result of their pet they will end up having to pay for it. Therefore, holiday homeowners have woken up to the fact that there really is little if any risk involved in allowing pets to stay with their owners.

Offering pet friendly cottage holidays makes economic sense

The other main reason for a change in approach is that holiday cottage owners have realised that by not allowing pets they were cutting off access for themselves to a significant proportion of the UK population. An amazing 43% of UK homes have at least one pert. In most cases, it is either a dog or cat. By allowing holidaymakers to bring their pets with them holiday cottage owners are opening up their potential market by 40+ percent.

In addition, they can make more money per rental by charging a small pet supplement. Because the cost of kennels and catteries has gone up so much in the past few years many people simply cannot afford the additional cost involved. Therefore, when they see holiday that offer them the opportunity to take their pets with them they are far more likely to book it.

The Pet Friendly Cottage Company has specialised in offering pet friendly holidays for several years. Increasingly, people want to treat their pets like a member of the family, therefore, they would not dream of putting them in kennels.


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