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England – 12/8/2012- British corporate design firm ‘FIJ Design’ now have even more to offer UK businesses thanks to the addition of an Internet marketing section to the ‘FIJ Design’ website.

Befitting their name, website design company ‘FIJ Design’ have provided a significant number and variety of design services to a significant number and variety of British businesses since its formation in 2007. Indeed, the company boasts a highly successful track record and lengthy list of satisfied clients, and pledges to provide a creative, cost-effective and productive solution whatever the aspect of design concerned and whatever the client’s requirements or budget. Furthermore, the company has recently added Internet marketing to its website.

This move is significant for not only ‘FIJ Design’ but also the many UK businesses which seek high quality Internet marketing services. Indeed, there are many reasons why ‘FIJ Design’ already deserves respect as a digital marketing agency. One of these is that the company takes just as flexible an approach with its Internet marketing services as it does with its design services; another is that the company offers a free consultation service to enable businesspeople to learn more about the Internet marketing services available from ‘FIJ Design’.

An impressive range of design and Internet marketing services

Indeed, businesspeople interested in learning more about the Internet marketing services available from ‘FIJ Design’ can easily do so with the help of the new section dedicated to such services recently added to the company’s website. In this manner, they can learn, for example, precisely what ‘FIJI Design’ has to offer as a Search Engine Optimisation company, before also educating themselves about the company’s well-received design services.

An ‘FIJ Design’ spokesperson enthused: “While we are pleased with the comprehensive range of design and Internet marketing services that we offer, we are also pleased with the ability of our attractive and well-designed website to educate many of our prospective clients on the nature of these services. We have many former clients who can truly vouch for the quality of these services.”

As the number of people using the World Wide Web (WWW) to search for design and digital marketing companies like ‘FIJ Design’ continues to increase over the approaching years, the company should expect an increase in the number of clients drawing upon its design and Internet marketing services.


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