Direct Marketers Save Money With Accurate Data Cleansing

London, UK May 16th Direct marketing is the communication of a marketing message via post, email, or telephone to a list of targeted leads. The list may have been built in various ways but it is important that the data is contains is up to date and accurate because this will help ensure that the marketer enjoys the best possible results. Data cleansing helps ensure the integrity of a list and businesses can benefit through cheaper marketing campaigns, improved campaign results, and more effective outreach.

Direct marketing will cost money. Whether a marketer needs to pay for call centre costs or for distribution costs to ensure that a marketing letter is delivered to all the relevant addresses there are obvious costs that are associated with such a campaign. These costs need to be monitored and considered when calculating the performance of that campaign. Data cleansing ensures that data is relevant and that those list members that do not wish to be contacted are not contacted and this means a potential cost saving.

Data cleansing will also improve results. Poor quality lists are extremely generic and they also contain a lot of duplicate records, incomplete entries, and obviously inaccurate results. However, the typical marketer or business will not have the time or resources to go through this list and ensure that they remove such entries before dealing with delivering their marketing message. A data cleaning service can therefore help to reduce communications with those that will not be responsive so the resulting campaign will enjoy improved conversion rates and profits. is a leading data cleansing service and data management company. They offer a range of services to help optimise the performance of a marketing campaign and therefore ensure that the marketer can enjoy the best possible results.


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