Sports Utility Vehicles, or SUVs as their name tends to be abbreviated to, are traditionally designed to be used off-road. They are also attractive to a wider range of buyers seeking to compare car insurance due to their roomy interiors and high driving position12.

SUVs were originally designed to be effective off-road, and indeed many SUVs continue to be valuable in this role. Popular ‘old school’ SUVs include the Range Rover, which combines a great range of engines with plenty of off-road ability. Indeed, most of the best SUVs today tend to combine the best features of an off-road car with those of the best executive saloons.  Many manufacturers famed for offering the latter have entered the SUV market in recent years, including BMW and Mercedes. There are, indeed, many manufacturers who concentrate on on-road ability over off-road ability, so that you can enjoy the advantages of the rugged looks of a traditional SUV with strong on-road handling. Many SUVs also have the power to make them ideal for tugging caravans or horseboxes.

SUVs have a high driving position. People tend to feel safe in such a car and indeed there are many SUVs available that have scored highly for passenger safety.

SUVs also tend to have much roomier interiors than other types of car. This adds to their general practicality, which has long been a strong reason why so many people invest in them. Some models, such as the BMW X5, have optional seats in the boot so that you can transport additional people.  It is usually possible to fold the extra seats away when they are not in use to free up space for luggage. Indeed, many SUVs are designed to offer the ultimate in executive car luxury and technology.

There is also a wide variety of SUV models to choose from. These include a range of different sizes from prestige manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche and Mercedes. At the other end of the spectrum, budget off-roaders such as the Hyundai Santa Fe and Honda CR-V are also available. Also having emerged in recent years are more niche ‘coupe’ like models, in some cases borrowing SUV styling cues rather than traditional SUV off-road ability, such as the BMW X6 and the Nissan Juke. Many modern SUVs are also highly economical to run. Today, SUVs are available in a range of shapes, sizes and price points to suit your individual needs, budget and tastes.

Hannah Warder writes for MediaVest (Manchester) on a number of topics including ways compare car insurance.