Displaysense Urges New Retail Outlets to Maximise Promotion

Herts, United Kingdom, (24 January, 2012) – Displaysense, a leading UK shop fittings provider, comments on the rise in the amount of successful stores opening across the UK.

Despite the vast number of retail stores closing down last year, for many shop fitters business is booming. Whilst it is widely reported that shops are closing on every high street, there are a number of new projects, such as Stratford’s Westfield Centre, that have increased the demand for shop fittings and retail displays.

According to leading shop fitting supplier Displaysense, it is not only the large chain stores that are opening new outlets, but many small independent businesses are also doing well.

“The press are always keen to cover stories of failing retailers, but what doesn’t get as much coverage are the new stores that are opening around the country,” commented Displaysense Marketing Manager Jim Moody. “We believe that retailers need to do everything in their power to create a buzz around any new store opening and get people excited about shopping, and just forget about all the negative press. We are urging any new retail outlets to promote their new store as much as possible and show everyone that the high street is still the best place to shop.”

For more information of Displaysense and their services, visit their website at http://www.displaysense.co.uk or telephone 01279 213812.

About Displaysense:

Displaysense is one of the leading shop fitting providers in the UK and have been established since 1978, and therefore have a wealth of experience in the bespoke sale display manufacturing industry. Displaysense can provide their online and mail order customers with a huge variety of sale display products, such as mannequins, literature stands, exhibition furniture, catering displays, display cabinets and so much more.


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