With Loft Conversions Thames Ditton Homeowners Can Enjoy Extra Space

London, United Kingdom, February 24th 2012 – With loft conversions Thames Ditton homeowners are finding a more beneficial way to improve their home life without having to endure the stress and difficulties that are associated with moving home completely. The new space can be turned into anything from a home office to a master bedroom with en-suite, walk in wardrobes, and ordered storage. It may not be necessary, in all instances, to get planning applications but a professional loft conversion company will advise the homeowner whether this is the case.

Planning permission is a concern when it comes to find ways for homeowers to increase the size of the existing home. Extensions over a certain size, or additional extensions, and even some conservatories may require planning permission. Loft conversions Thames Ditton, on the other hand, often do not require it. It will be necessary to come to an agreement with any neighbours that have adjoining walls in the loft space and it will be necessary to meet strict building regulations.

Building regulations are in place for many extensions, conversions, and other types of alteration to the home. They are designed to ensure not only that people in the home are safe but also that the building work does not put the building itself in danger. This is obviously an important factor to the homeowner too, and by using a company that adheres to such regulations, it is possible to ensure that the homeowner enjoys a top quality loft conversion.

Loftscope.co.uk is a leading provider of loft conversions Thames Ditton residents and property owners can benefit from. They provide guaranteed work, meet all building regulations, and help their customers from the very beginning of the conversion process to the very end.



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