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England 27/09/2012 – The diving community website Drift Blue are looking for diving holiday providers to advertise on their site

When it comes to diving holidays you are almost spoilt for choice. There are thousands and thousands of different dive sites located throughout the world. You can dive in practically any part of the world and wherever you dive there is something different to see, it is little wonder that people get hooked. Once they do, choosing where to go next can be difficult because there is a bewildering choice.

The team at Drift Blue are all keen divers, who have contact with all kinds of divers from all over the world. They realised that there was a place for an information resource written and maintained by divers designed specifically for divers. The resulting website is a fantastic resource. Divers who have actually dived sites tell others about their experience. They explain the kind of dive it is as well as what you can see at each dive site. Every dive site is given a rating. You can also see when it is possible to dive each site and which months are best to visit.

The site is growing in popularity and more and more information is being added all the time. As word spreads, more divers are visiting their site and contributing their experiences. It is a kind of snowball effect and the site is really gathering pace.

However, users have told the founders of the site there is something missing and that is diving holidays.

Finding Diving Holidays via Drift Blue

Because of this feedback, the team at Drift Blue are now actively seeking help from diving schools and other holiday providers. They want to advertise specific holidays on their site. The team has already added the ability to find hotels, car hire, flights and cruises in some areas of the world. They have added a widget to their site that connects to Travel Ian and checks availability of all of these services. It is a popular widget, but the website wants to expand this element of their website to make it easier for their users to book diving holidays they will love.


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