West Way Nissan Announce Their Big Sale

England 04/10/2012 – West Way Nissan have 12 dealerships in the UK all of which are offering special discounts to their customers

West Way Nissan has stimulated sales through their 12 dealerships with a massive sale. They are offering their customers up to £5,558 off the price of new Nissans. Their best offer is on the Nissan Navara Double Cab Pick Up Tekna 2.5dCi 190 4WD. In the past, this diesel truck was mainly popular with workmen, but today even families are buying them.

West Way always has lots of offers, but their big sale is when they have offers across the entire range. This attracts all kinds of customers including people looking for a family vehicle, and young drivers looking for a first car. To help customers to keep their cars running the firm makes special deals with providers of other services. At the moment, they are offering free European roadside assistance with every Nissan service.

The firm takes full advantage of interest that Nissan creates in the press. Currently, Nissan have been busy on the car show circuit creating plenty of buzz around the brand. People are especially intrigued by their latest concept car.

At Japan’s CEATEC they have shown off their first robotic car that is designed to literally drive itself. Self-parking cars are available now, but this car is designed to drive itself in any situation. It is of course a concept car and is a long way from production, but not because the technology is not ready. The Nissan robotic car is road ready; the problem is that the roads and society are not yet ready for it. However, it has created a lot of interest around the Nissan brand, something the teams at Westway’s 12 dealerships are taking full advantage of.

West Way Nissan Leasing
Increasingly, West Way Nissan are leasing vehicles rather than selling new vehicles to customers. Demand for leasing is still coming mostly from their business customers. However, increasingly private individuals are leasing their cars rather than buying them. They like the simplicity of running a leased vehicle. Being able to lease a Nissan Micra for as little as £96 a month +VAT, is for many people, far cheaper than it would be to buy one using a finance deal. For many people it represents a cheap way to own and run a car.

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