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Grenoble, France (06 Aug 2010) – Spartoo, a leading European online shoe store hosting an extensive range of men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes with over a hundred different brands, has a variety of eco-friendly shoes available on its website.

Spartoo believes that recycling materials, utilization of 100% natural products, and manufacturing processes that are respectful of the environment are just some of the keys to the world of eco-design that modern shoe brands have developed over time.

Spartoo cites that the essential component during the shoe manufacturing process is leather tanning. The majority of manufacturers use mineral tanning which is quicker and cheaper, but also causes a high level of pollution and can be a potential source of allergies. That’s why brands such as Think and Vialis have chosen to treat their leathers with vegetable extracts, which reduces the impact of the leather-treating process on the environment, limits skin irritations, and also helps obtain a more natural tint.

In the domain of recycling, Melissa is the perfect example. Well known for their eccentric models which smell of candy, Melissa design their shoes from recycled PVC and gives priority to eco-design to limit their impact on the environment. Another example of the eco-friendly spirit, Timberland has launched its line of Earthkeepers™ shoes, designed from recycled materials.

At People’s Walk, recycling is omnipresent and gives the brand an original look: the soles on each model have been made from recycled motorcycle tires. And to take their dedication even further, they use paper boxes which have also been recycled, and natural tints.

Some shoe brands don’t hesitate to go even further by opting for a veritable “Green” philosophy while working to reduce their environmental impact at each step of the manufacturing process.

El Naturalista is renowned for its ethical and eco-friendly processes. Beyond using natural colorants and materials, vegetable-based tanning, and recyclable materials, they promise to provide living wages to their suppliers and employees, along with supporting humanitarian non-profit organizations.

Oriented towards nature and the outdoors, Panama Jack is committed to instituting exemplary social and environmental practices at the heart of their company. Their principal preoccupation: combining business efficiency with the social and family life of their partners.

Simple is committed to sustainable development and responsible consumption by putting together a manufacturing process with no environmental impact and by proposing “sustainable shoes”.

For more information about Spartoo and their shoe range, please visit or telephone 02033 182565 during office hours.

About Spartoo is the European leader in the internet footwear market. references over 200 top brands (Geox, Converse, Adidas, Timberland, Nike …) with over 10 000 models (Women’s shoes, Men shoes, Children’s shoes) and exceptional customer service: Free delivery and return within 30 days. operates in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and Germany.

– Over 5 Million unique visitors in June 2010 (Médiametrie, Europe)
– Top 10 internet fashion sites behind the Redoute, 3suisses. (Médiametrie 2009)
– Top 10 companies with the strongest growth in Europe. (, 2009)
– Only e-commerce site selected by “le French Tech Tour 2009”



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Tel: 02033 182565

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