ELAS Comments as Olympic Volunteers Receive Rotas

Manchester, United Kingdom (1st May, 2012) – ELAS, a leading, expert provider of business support solutions in the UK, comments as the 70,000 people who volunteered to help stage the Olympics receive their final shift rotas.

The majority of people who have been accepted as volunteers during the Olympic Games this year have already requested the time off from their employers. However, volunteers will only be able to officially book specific days off from work when their final shifts have been confirmed, which ELAS reports has resulted in a sudden rush of applications for time off work at a time when many of their colleagues will have already booked time off to attend the events.

Peter Mooney, Head of Employment Law at ELAS, said: “Employers will find that the summer holidays and nationwide events are usually the most-requested for time off amongst employees. Due to this demand, employers run a straightforward ‘first come, first served’ policy for holiday requests – but this can become complicated when employees aren’t aware of the exact dates they require leave for.

“It is imperative that employers devise a fair system when deciding who and who not to grant leave to during the Olympic Games, and ensure that this system is followed through across the board. Any lapse with such a system could leave an employer open to claims of discrimination, otherwise.”

When these holiday requests have been settled, Mr Mooney advises that employers will also need to take a tough stance on employees who don’t turn up for work during the Olympics.

Mr Mooney continued: “Employers will need to make it clear that if any employees call in sick during the Games, and they have reason to suspect that this is not the case, disciplinary action will be taken.

“Failure to do so could leave employers open to claims of discrimination, which can lead to costly and complex tribunals. It is therefore vital that employers stick to their guns when the Olympics take place this summer.”

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