Environmentally Friendly Masonry Restoration from ThomannHanry

10/08/2012 – Give your property a makeover and be kind to the environment with masonry restoration from ThomannHanry.

If you have a property, statue, or even a sculpture which is in need of some sprucing up, then call in ThomannHanry who will use their unique Façade Gommage technique to clean it up in a way which is kind to the environment.

Traditional methods of masonry restoration typically include the use of large amounts of water, detergent and chemicals and none of these are particularly good for the environment, so if you want to stay green and clean up your stonework, you need the help of ThomannHanry who can make your masonry sparkle using environmentally friendly techniques.

ThomannHanry use a technique which is known as façade Gommage, It is a cleaning method which used low-pressure compressed air and a fine powder to clean a range of masonry from limestone sculptures to the finest sandstone buildings.

The technique is not evasive, efficient and is perfect for cleaning older masonry, thanks to its lack of chemicals. All of the ThomannHanry technicians are fully trained to a high standard, so that they can clean your stonework using a lightweight vacuum cabin quickly.

The fact that they do not use scaffolding means that they will cause you fewer problems when working on a large building or statue and, you will save money when compared to more traditional methods of masonry restoration.

After a treatment, you will be left with a piece of masonry which looks as good as new as all the dirt, pollutants and deposits which were making your stone untidy will have been blasted away using the Façade Gommage technique.

If you are still unsure, then ThomannHanry will even arrange to carry out a free sample cleaning on a panel of your building so you can see just how much difference the technique really makes to even the dirtiest brickwork.

About ThomannHanry:

ThomannHanry was established in Paris in 1946. Since then, they have refined the façade Gommage process, creating a unique masonry restoration system which delivers great results.



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