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England – 23/11/2011 – Amethyst Event Organisers decided to diversify their services in response to the recession and got a great response

Amethyst event organisers have been around for some time and have many clients who return to them year after year, so they clearly know what they are doing. Their repeat client list is pretty impressive; it includes Virgin Media, Cobbetts, Number Ten Group, Networking 4 Business and CTAM Europe. However, Amethyst Events is not the kind of firm to simply stand still. They are always looking for new challenges and realised that the recession presented an opportunity as well as a challenge.

Now Amethyst Events offers the widest range of events services available. They will organise conferences, themed parties, sponsorship support, after dinner speakers, sales days, exhibitions, gala dinners or product launches. You name it they will do it. If a client comes up with a new type of event they will do that too. They now have the depth of experience to deal with any kind of event their clients imaginations can conjure up.

No Job is Too Small or Big for Amethyst Event Organisers

Right from the start Amethyst set out to give their clients what they wanted rather than what they thought they needed. If a client wants to hire the venue themselves, but needs help hiring and setting up AV equipment and managing delegates that is OK with Amethyst.

Even though many of Amethyst’s current clients are multinational firms they are just as happy organising a business meeting or small conference for small local firms. They will book 1 hotel room or 100 rooms, whatever you need for your particular event. Amethyst know that today’s small firms will potentially grow to be tomorrow’s mega firms. They have been careful not to price themselves out of the small events market.

The future for Amethyst Events is bright, because over the years they have constantly challenged themselves and remained flexible. Their staff are able to think on their feet and organise things at the last minute when necessary. Now their flexibility means that they are still getting work from all sectors while other event organisers have seen their work dry up.


Amethyst Events

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