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Devon, United Kingdom (18 June 2010) – Mailbox Nationwide, leading UK leaflet delivery and flyer distribution specialists, have recently completed their first-ever delivery to the Island of Stornaway in the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

The Island of Stornaway is one of the UK’s most remote areas and can be notoriously difficult to deliver to because of its distance and inaccessibility. The team at Mailbox Nationwide, however, relished the challenge and spared no expense in meeting the wishes of their clients. Mailbox Nationwide insist they can deliver to any area of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Island, and the Channel Islands, and this recent expedition goes some way to fulfilling that promise.

Though the town of Stornaway only has a population of approximately 9,000 residents and can be difficult to cover, Mailbox Nationwide still got a substantial bulk order for leaflet delivery and was happy to help their clients out. They hope that this underlines their commitment to all customers who use their service, no matter how large, small, near, or far.

“We treated the order the same as any order we receive through Mailbox Nationwide and put all of our focus and energies into exceeding the client’s wishes,” commented a spokesperson for Mailbox Nationwide. “Though many other delivery companies may have raised an eyebrow or even plain rejected delivering to the Outer Hebrides, we embraced the specifications set by our client and were only too happy to help. We hope that many other businesses situated in remote areas sit up and take note of the service we can provide to them here at Mailbox Nationwide.”

For more information about Mailbox Nationwide’s range of flyer and leaflet delivery services please visit or call 01395 232868.

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Mailbox Nationwide is one of the largest independently owned leaflet distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Mailbox Nationwide delivers to all areas of the United Kingdom when distributing clients’ flyers and leaflets through the use of mosaic demographic profiling. Mailbox Nationwide has a variety of distribution methods including Solus Leaflet Distribution and Shared Leaflet Distribution.

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